An Art Deco diorama begins ...

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Re: An Art Deco diorama begins ...

Post by grinbergs » Wed Mar 08, 2017 4:38 am

LUW wrote:I'm really curious to see how this turns out, and I love these in-progress reports!
This :) Good to see the progress.

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Re: An Art Deco diorama begins ...

Post by Ozmac » Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:39 pm

Time for another update, and I've gone from cursing the Gods to being very thankful for their kind intervention.

First up, why I cursed the Gods in charge of paint selection. Ian (Jager) very helpfully suggested I buy a 250ml sample pot of Dulux Suede Effects, to create the rendered finish I need on the picture theatre walls. Off I went to our paint store, who cheerfully told me that Dulux has stopped making sample pots of Suede Effects (which were $14) and now the smallest pot I could buy would be a 1-litre tin, priced around $50. And the colour range was a bit dark for my liking too, so curse you Paint Gods!

So, I then went for plan B. Buy some baby powder ($1.75) and a tea strainer ($1), do a road test on some small foam board offcuts using the Antique White ($3) acrylic that I want. Success! Well, for my very first experiment I'm already close to what I have in mind.

Here's the test centre ready to roll. The technique is to roll on the paint with the sponge roller, add a teaspoon of baby powder to the strainer, then tap/sprinkle baby powder evenly over the wet paint. Wait 20 seconds, then tap the test tile on the bench, to shake off 90 per cent of the baby powder.

This is what I am ending up with, a decidedly rendered finish, in Antique White, which is a very creamy, matt white. After letting it all dry for an hour or two, I use a soft paintbrush to dust off the top layer of very dry powder, in which quite a lot more powder comes off.

This photo is at the stage just after applying the powder to the wet paint. The photos I took of the test tiles after brushing off the dried power couldn't pick up the difference at all, which to the naked eye is quite noticeable, so I thought I'd show you the effect as it appears most clearly.

I'll experiment a bit more, but I'm already pleased with this very first test run. The trick will be to figure out how thickly to layer on the powder.

And besides, my modelling shed, which also doubles as a gardening shed, has changed from smelling of its usual farmyard-style organic fertilisers into the sweet freshness of the change rooms at the Baby Health Clinic. Not sure how long that effect will last.

As I was completing my experiment, I thought of the US humour poet Ogden Nash's little rhyme: "A little bit of talcum is always walcum".

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Re: An Art Deco diorama begins ...

Post by Tom » Sat Apr 01, 2017 5:29 am

What a great idea, and it's worked out very well!

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Re: An Art Deco diorama begins ...

Post by Jean B. » Sat Apr 01, 2017 6:24 am

Great! The design of your art-déco cinema looks simply fantastic, and I loved to see and read about your paint/powder tests. For me these are the really thrilling things of model building, to try new techniques, combinations of materials, paints and so on and to look how everything turns out. Please go ahead and show us more :P

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Re: An Art Deco diorama begins ...

Post by LUW » Sat Apr 01, 2017 9:29 am

Clever. I think that looks perfect.
And keep the updates coming!
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