Simple diorama of derelict land

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Re: Simple diorama of derelict land

Postby orky » Tue Dec 20, 2016 1:38 pm

Thanks guys for the info - really helpful.

I wasn't even aware the ghia's do not have a spoiler :lol: however on the atlas model the spoiler is one unit with the rest of the bodywork and does not come off. Therefore it would have been a 2.8 injection model but....

I see what you mean about the atlas model compared to 1:1. IMO vanguards has the best model shape of the mk3 capri but badly let down by the base/front valance trim and rear being a separate unit to the rest of the body. Otherwise the model is very crisp and spot on. Atlas model seems IMO too thick and not as crisp as vanguards. + I've noticed the nose is too thin length-wise, and there's additional black pillars either sides of the nose in-between the headlights. This is probably why the nose isn't as wide as it should be. On the real (and vanguards) version the additional black pillars do not exist - and it's impossible to get rid of the these without ruining the model.

Anyhow, the atlas project has failed! Will switch back to the vanguards after xmas. I already have a stripped ghia shell and because of the amount of work required to make the body one whole unit I will respray it black. This'll make it easier because of all the black panels/ window trims etc.

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