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Re: Spark/Bizarre Miscues

Postby Stig » Mon Nov 21, 2016 2:19 pm

Jager wrote:Spark are usually pretty good, but it appears they have a production fault and QC issue with the 1962 #32 Sunbeam Alpine that's been recently released. Mine arrived with cracks in the wheel rims of the two left side wheels and when I checked with the supplier he found that the 3 remaining models he had in stock had similar cracks (albeit not as severe).

Funnily enough the problem doesn't appear to have affected the sister #33 car from 1962, while I'm still waiting for my 1963 version to arrive to see if that has a similar problem.

Hopefully the matter can be resolved with a replacement set of wheels. However, if you're buying one of the Spark Sunbeam Alpines se I'd advise you to check it carefully.

Apart from this, wire wheels are one of Spark's biggest pending subjects. I miss a more fine wheels in these models.

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Re: Spark/Bizarre Miscues

Postby Jager » Tue Nov 22, 2016 9:40 am

Further to the problem above, Spark were very responsive and are sending a set of replacement wheels.
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Re: Spark/Bizarre Miscues

Postby protzenegger » Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:04 pm

Just got a Triumph Spitfire yesterday, and it's got a strange black wash on the seats. Apologies for the picture quality, the lighting in my apartment is rubbish and the iPhone flash would reflect off the shiny bits something fierce.


Not sure if it's intentional and they're trying to mimic the imperfections of leather or what, but that doesn't look so good and Google search turns up others with the same issue. The door card is protruding from under the black strip above it, due to an overly large bump on that edge, which I guess was preventing that door card from being installed flush (as it is on the unseen left side).

I even got this specifically because I found the tobacco interior (and hood badging) to be more interesting than the black one on the green version of this model, so it's kind of a bummer that these imperfections are so visible.

For a model that was $66 shipped, I suppose it's not a dealbreaker, but definitely not Spark's best effort. Not by a mile.

Anybody have one of these who can shed light on the seats?
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