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un saluto a tutti scrivo dall Italia e colleziono Ferrari un po tutte le scale ma soprattutto 1/43

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Re: ciao

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Welcome to the forum Antonio

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Re: ciao

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Welcome, nice to have another Tifosi on board.

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Re: ciao

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Welcome to S143, I look forward to seeing your collection.

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Re: ciao

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Re: ciao

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Buona sera Antonio. Thanks for joining us.
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Re: ciao

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Welcome on board

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Re: ciao

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Antonio, benvenuto alla tribuna :D

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Re: ciao

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Benvenuto Antonio!

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Re: ciao

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Ciao Antonio! Peccato che sei arrivato proprio quando io sto x andare via, ma comunque ti do il benvenuto in questo forum. Qui c'è tanta gente simpatica e son sicuro che troverai un ambiente amichevole x condividere i tuoi hobby.
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Re: ciao

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Hello there! :) :)
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Re: ciao

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Benvenuto, Antonio! Stay safe out there!
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