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Post by Marcellix » Thu Mar 26, 2015 4:15 pm


I visit this forum for some time now, and decided to join in.

I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and am a collector 1:43 models for about 25 years. In the beginning it was "everything I like", but the last years I am trying to focus. Trying to... I have about 1500 of them, ranging from 1920s to present time, fiat to ferrari, costing about nothing until well above 100 euros.

My focus is on:
- 70s/80s, the cars I grew up with. Mainly (in alphabetical order) Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Lancia, Nissan, Renault, Saab, Volvo. But also some from a lot of other brands.
- Concept cars from 1950s up to now.
- Lamborghini
- Aston Martin
- Lotus

I will occasionally post something or reply somewhere.


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Re: Introduction

Post by Tom » Thu Mar 26, 2015 4:46 pm

Welcome to S143, looking forward to seeing your collection!

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Re: Introduction

Post by chr15b » Thu Mar 26, 2015 4:58 pm

sounds similar to my collection preferences. I like anything 70's to now which is pretty much what i've grown up with.

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Re: Introduction

Post by GBOAC002 » Thu Mar 26, 2015 5:57 pm

You will be right at home here. Welcome!

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Re: Introduction

Post by DeadCanDanceR » Thu Mar 26, 2015 10:58 pm

Welcome, Marcel! ;)

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Re: Introduction

Post by dcast » Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:42 am

Hi and welcome :) 70's and 80's cars, sounds interesting , my favourite era too ;)

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Re: Introduction

Post by Jager » Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:12 am

Welcome Marcellix. You'll see we have a few other collectors here from the Netherlands.

Don't be shy about joining in the conversations and discussions here - after all that's what a forum is all about.
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Re: Introduction

Post by David MG » Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:35 am

Welcome Marcel. As Ian says we welcome postings from new members.

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Re: Introduction

Post by grinbergs » Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:47 am

Welcome to S143 Marcel! :)

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Re: Introduction

Post by carcollector » Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:47 am

Welcome here Marcel, looking forward to see your collection, you'll see here is a very nice forum with great guy's in it. :D

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Re: Introduction

Post by scalainj » Fri Mar 27, 2015 4:27 am

Welcome to the forum

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Re: Introduction

Post by JSB33 » Fri Mar 27, 2015 6:58 am

Thanks for joining and introducing yourself.

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Re: Introduction

Post by thetrooper » Fri Mar 27, 2015 8:19 am

Welcome to the forum and having 1500 models you'll be around for a long time just showing them off. Is it just road going cars or do you collect racers as well?
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Re: Introduction

Post by Featherless_Biped » Fri Mar 27, 2015 9:22 am

Welcome, Marcel :!: Let's see what you've collected. :)


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Re: Introduction

Post by jj2728 » Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:09 pm

Welcome aboard!

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Re: Introduction

Post by Marcellix » Fri Mar 27, 2015 5:21 pm

Thank you all. And just road cars, with the occasional exception in race trim...

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Re: Introduction

Post by dbonser » Fri Mar 27, 2015 5:25 pm

Welcome! I think we all struggle with the focus. "Try" is the best we can do. ;)

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Re: Introduction

Post by Stu935 » Sat Mar 28, 2015 6:16 am

welcome to S143 Marcel

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Re: Introduction

Post by guitardave_1 » Sat Mar 28, 2015 4:49 pm

Welcome to the forum Marcel. Hope you do manage to join in from time to time.
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Re: Introduction

Post by seppuku » Sat Mar 28, 2015 7:48 pm

Hi Marcel and welcome!...:D
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Re: Introduction

Post by frenchy » Sun Mar 29, 2015 7:25 am

Welcome Marcel....
good to have you on board
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Re: Introduction

Post by danny » Sat Apr 04, 2015 11:52 am

welcome to this forum. the number of dutchmen is growing.

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