Culling the herd

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Culling the herd

Post by jj2728 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 5:03 pm

Hello everyone. It's been quite some while since I've been around. And after much thought and reflection, I've decided to begin parting with some of the 1/43rd collection. I do have a plethora of cars and have come to the conclusion that keeping a select few of those cars that mean 'something to me', continuing to build kits and awaiting those cars that pique my interest is the way forward. One only has so much shelf space. Rest assured that my collection is pristine and for the most part as near mint as can be. Smoke free and all. The first car that I am offering up for sale is:

TAMEO Ferrari F14T GP China 2014 3rd Fernando Alonso TMB 024 - $135.00 USD + $12.00 shipping worldwide.

The car has never been displayed on my shelves and has all of the documentation to go with it. It is model number handbuilt by TAMEO 054/240.

Feel free to pm should you have any questions with regards to this item or anything else that I may have that would be of interest. If you have a specific item, I can check and let you know. I do not have an inventory to post online, but I have over 800 cars, all racing, all 1/43rd. Any purchases are to be made by PayPal only.



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