Le Mans 2019 (?) non-starter

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Le Mans 2019 (?) non-starter

Post by jna »

I've posted this link because it initially confused me. After a little research I've concluded (correctly I hope) that this is a car from Le Mans 2019.

I have to say I've never seen this model announced by any dealer since June and although Spark have issued cars that didn't start for reasons including practice accidents I'm curious about the background to this release.

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Re: Le Mans 2019 (?) non-starter

Post by SG143 »

It was indeed from 2019 but it never raced. The #99 Dempsey-Proton Porsche was withdrawn from the Le Mans 24 Hours after Tracy Krohn crashed the Porsche quite heavily during a practice session 3 days before race day. At 64 yrs old, maybe his reactions werent as good as he thought they were :lol: Anyways, he was taken to hospital after the crash which happened between the second Mulsanne chicane and Mulsanne corner but he was released the following day with instructions not to return to racing for a week which meant the car did not compete in the race.

Im not sure why Spark chooses to make non runners, but Im sure the Krohn fans wont be complaining as it does look pretty good .
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Re: Le Mans 2019 (?) non-starter

Post by Jager »

I agree this looks pretty good and I'm glad Spark are making it. I suspect it might not prove that popular initially, but later on could prove hard to find. The question is, will it represent the last time Tracy Krohn was seen at Le Mans ?
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