Collection Needs Direction? Theme Help ???

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Collection Needs Direction? Theme Help ???

Post by GarageOnAWall » Thu Feb 02, 2017 11:58 pm

Hi Gents,

Don't know if this is the right thread, but I'm having a quandry with my collection!

I've been at this as a 'serious' collector for almost 17 years. I currently have over 900 cars of which about 850 are 1:43, with about 60 1:18 resin cars.

All are neatly entered into the Diecast Database program with all the details of purchase date, price etc etc.

I continue to buy, but at a much slower pace than years past, and yet there are MANY cars I'd still like to own, both in 1:18 and 1:43. I've also sold a few recently and have done pretty well on most vs. what I originally paid.

I look at the money (and loads of time) I've spent on all of this and I'm starting to question the point of it all? I do NOT want to leave the hobby but I wonder, how many cars are enough? When have I 'invested' too much on tiny cars that could be spent elsewhere? Don't get me wrong, I don't want to leave the hobby or lose the friends I've made along the way, yet I wonder if I need more direction or focus in my approach?

How do you all decide on a theme? This has been the hardest thing for me! Perhaps I am just too indecisive with the cars and other things in life? I do know what I like, but it just seems to run the gamut :roll: I love my French cars (have 120) but can also never imagine parting with my 195 cars from Italy. Continue to be amazed at all of the old American cars being released in 1:18 yet have a hard time deciding if I should go any further down that road?

Has anyone here trimmed the fat so to speak without feeling regret? I can see myself being happy with 1/2 my total number but how does one decide which ones go? I have many 1:43s that I paid very little for and would probably get no more (or less) in return if I sold them, so what would that accomplish other than a gaining of space?

Maybe the answer is to finally start displaying and rotating to realize what is right for me? I've put off displays for years as I've been renovating and enlarging my house/garage. That is basically done, so I suppose I can no longer use that as an excuse.

Based on my ramblings, what do you suggest? Would very much value any and all advice from those I know can relate to this situation. BB
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Re: Collection Needs Direction? Theme Help ???

Post by GBOAC002 » Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:19 am

It's a dilemma us older and long time collectors probably have faced from time to time. I know that shifting my nearly all my 1:18s helped considerably and was relative painless at the time. When I consider the 1:43 side that is more difficult. Not having the funds to indulge in wholesale acquisition helps keep my focus on road cars, GT and Luxury. My Italian makes (which make up 50% of my 1300 strong collection) like yours won't be going anywhere soon. Certain other 'landmark' cars which I've maybe seen as 1:1 or consider outstanding pieces of automobile design are 'keepers'. E-Type Jag and Toyota 2000 GT spring to mind.

Occasionally mention of something on this forum will trigger the desire to make an addition - yellow TSM McLaren P1 wing up shown first by Julio - being perhaps the most recent add. Bearing in mind I don't (usually) collect resin that was an indication of how strong the 'pull' is around here...

As you say, the display aspect is probably the right place to start your rationalisation program. Anything which has no lasting appeal can probably go.

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Re: Collection Needs Direction? Theme Help ???

Post by Johnny_Bravo » Fri Feb 03, 2017 5:14 am

I recently put out for sale around 100 cars i bought on the impulse of the moment: they looked better than in the pictures, were too cheap to miss, they were not on my wish list but they were looking good and so on. I have them all on display and it;s easier for me to decide on that matter, but i find myself sometimes having no regret selling a minichamps that looks common as a model and keeping an ixo or PW that is a nicer car. I have as you may know a main theme, BMW, of which i grab whatever i can and is already over 300 in numbers. But i like cars....and that is a problem when you are not set on a particular brand or model maker. You will like an italian and you will love a german or an exotic from time to time...which puts you out of the theme course you may have established. Unconsciously i found myself drawn to the unique designs, coachbuilders' cars, conversions, concepts and peculiar ones that also look appealing....but i get when i find a classic i don't have....i get a fancy american and a stunning italian whichever theme you set yourself, if you don't have it from the begining and you just like cars, you will end up aside from that theme. All you can do, is first display them. then, live in that room for a month and them. arrange them. see how they fit and which ones touch you the most (after a while you may not like some). The models will tell you which ones need to go once they are all together on display. numbers are not me, once you have them all showing their curves, you;ll know if you need to thin the herd or just lean towards some or others....

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Re: Collection Needs Direction? Theme Help ???

Post by Jager » Fri Feb 03, 2017 5:39 am

I'm having similar issues myself due to my move home in a couple of week. As I mentioned previously, its not the +1,000 models that's the issue, its the +1,000 boxes I need to store somewhere.

I think its too easy to say "I can't do without this or that". Rather than changing the direction of the collection, the alternative is just to set yourself a firm objective and say "I'm going to cut the collection back to x cars". Consider setting yourself a challenging goal.....after all, a collection of 400 cars which are nicely displayed can be just as or even more satisfying than one with 800 cars kept hidden away in their boxes ?

Once you decide on a number, use your database to decide what are the cars that earn a place in the new collection. By deciding what to keep, I think it will become easier to decide what to sell off.
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Re: Collection Needs Direction? Theme Help ???

Post by thetrooper » Mon Feb 06, 2017 9:40 am

I say continue to buy what you really want and avoid the normal "Wow that's cheap I'll get It" purchases and you'll be fine.

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Re: Collection Needs Direction? Theme Help ???

Post by Tom » Mon Feb 06, 2017 11:05 am

I've just started unpacking what I've bought over the last couple of years. What doesn't excite me, goes straight on the sales list. I'm also in the process of selling most of my 1:18, it just takes up too much space and doesn't get me excited four times as much as the average 1:43 I've bought recently.

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Re: Collection Needs Direction? Theme Help ???

Post by rotormotor » Mon Feb 06, 2017 12:46 pm

^I to have been doing an inventory of my cars..all scales are noted except have left the 1/43 till in progress..have few sales lined up.

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Re: Collection Needs Direction? Theme Help ???

Post by JSB33 » Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:46 am

First thought is that you should display a few hundred of them and go from there.
You are not using them for what they are made for. Its like having a bunch of tools and trying to decided which ones to keep without even taking them out of their package. Let them out and enjoy them, I will bet you will have a new appreciation of your investment.

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Re: Collection Needs Direction? Theme Help ???

Post by Jean B. » Sun Feb 19, 2017 9:35 am

How should a collection be organized? Referring to collectors of other subjects, like paintings, porcelaine, sculptures and so on, it is useful to determine a specific topic within the main thing of what to collect. That means not to collect "model cars in general", but to collect all pre-war cars, all post-war cars, all Jaguars, or whatever. Write down all characteristics a (model) car should definetely have to come into your collection.

As an example here's a list of my specifications: Must be 1/43, must be metal (white-metal or diecast), original car must be produced between 1930 - 1939, must be a "one-off" design, must be a luxury brand, should be "streamlined". All these points combined, lead to a collection of not more than 250 cars. The more specifications you determine, the smaller your collection will be. One great advantage is that your collection will make a real statement that way (as a certain topic is recognizable).

And be assured: over the time - of course - you leave this scheme often enough so that your collection has "air to breathe". But if you consider your specifications resolutely, it's much easier to let all the hundreds of models pass over, which in the end only block space and money and do not sharpen the picture :)

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