Minichamps Miscues

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Re: Minichamps Miscues

Post by IFHP »

Ford Taunus 12M Kombi

Ford Taunus 12M Kombi by IFHP97, on Flickr

This Minichamps model is labeled as a 1957 Ford Taunus Kombi, but sadly the taillights are from a 1954 model. I am surprised that Minichamps got this one so wrong. Also, a 1957 12M would have body colored wheelcovers.

1957 Taunus 12M & 15M (Int'l) p3 by IFHP97, on Flickr
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Re: Minichamps Miscues

Post by PolishMofoBMW92 »

Another Miscue with Minichamps model which is BMW M6

Side mirrors are used from the basic 6 series


... And the right example which I have in my collection, with the right M6 mirrors by Kyosho


I am really disappointed of that miscue since I am missing the convertible version in my collection and Minichamps is the only brand which made the M6 model but this wrong mirrors are gonna be my nightmare every night hahaha!

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Re: Minichamps Miscues

Post by Maximus »

Glad I only paid 30 bucks for this. Note the lack of "Goodyear" and "Eagle" on the rear tyre. And the dodgy "Goodyear" decal on the side of the cockpit.


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Re: Minichamps Miscues

Post by thetrooper »

Ask Minichamps for the tyre decals or send it back for a swap. It's not really a miscue as it is a QC error.

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Re: Minichamps Miscues

Post by Batman »

Be careful when cleaning/dusting your Minichamps. I found out not to use microfibre cloth or any liquids as they take off the flimsy slide on decals they use for badges, insignias and scripts. I was surprised that a dry microfibre cloth also takes the decals off, after learning not to do it with a damp one. So far this has happened to three of my models, an Aston Martin DBS and two Mercedes-Benz 350 SL's.

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Re: Minichamps Miscues

Post by Deus Ex Machina »

I got a little rich and decided to buy myself a big Williams FW 16 Brazilian GP 1994 (1:18) as a gift for the New Year. :D



But, upon careful examination, I found a gross error in the Minichamps model. Notably, the number on the nose is incorrectly drawn.
The number "0" should look like a rhombus stylized as a Renault logo (see bottom picture).
I gave up the idea of buying this model.
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Re: Minichamps Miscues

Post by Tom »

Wow. Pretty dumb.

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Re: Minichamps Miscues

Post by Jager »

Now you going to have to sit for hours and apply all those Rothmans decals too.
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Re: Minichamps Miscues

Post by reeft1 »

I just bought the 1974 World Champion Minichamps edition of Fittipaldi's Mclaren M23 and started work on adding the tobacco decals tonight but got stopped in my tracks - the decals are all the wrong size and font, and the Texaco word logo on the cockpit does not have the white outline. I have to say i'm bitterly disappointed for a £60 model.

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