Spark S2640 Boss TransAm #15 Parnelli jones-rant!

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David C.
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Spark S2640 Boss TransAm #15 Parnelli jones-rant!

Post by David C. » Wed Dec 19, 2012 2:37 pm

I'm a huge vintage racing fan, having actually attended the TransAm races of the late 60s and early 70s [ yep, I'm a 62 year old geezer!] so when Spark announced a series of these cars I patiently waited for them, the Sunoco Camaros, and one of my favorites, the 1970 Boss 302 Bud Moore car: at Watkins Glen I was in the paddock and walked the car to the grid- fond memories indeed! So! Imagine my excitement, then disappointment when these arrived :evil: . Spark is capable to doing great things [witness my recent photo shoot of the Andretti Honker] and , in this case NOT so great things:
list of flaws is long and quality control seems to be non existant;
-body shape is only fair, front and rear fender tops are too flat, hood area at cowl too high-wheels flares are well done however
-Spark chose to do the front and back glass trim in chrome plated plastic-large gaps around body opening accented by overuse of black painted outline- Photetch was used on the Sunoco Camaros
-side drip rails are also chromed-not sure if its foil or paint, but it is uneven and flaking in some places!
-tailights on both crooked
-grille and hood trim one missing chrome in some areas
-rear deck wing is too high
-missing SCCA logo on front fenders
-'stock' front air dam was not generally used in most races, usualy sheet aluminum with brake duct holes
-one model has mold flaw on rear fender
-Rushed to market for the holiday season maybe? Whatever reason my 'love/hate' relationship continues.............

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Re: Spark S2640 Boss TransAm #15 Parnelli jones-rant!

Post by k1w1taxi » Thu Dec 20, 2012 12:46 am

Not good at all David. Those QC issues really are not what I have come to expect from Spark these days.

Is the Parnelli name in the right place as to my unknowledgable eyes it looks as it it should be further forward to centre on the door?


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Re: Spark S2640 Boss TransAm #15 Parnelli jones-rant!

Post by sheepCrusher » Thu Dec 20, 2012 4:43 am

Glad I asked for one for xmas. :roll:
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Re: Spark S2640 Boss TransAm #15 Parnelli jones-rant!

Post by JSB33 » Thu Dec 20, 2012 6:12 am

David, your cars need to go back as the Q/C is unacceptable, My copy while not perfect is finished off a lot better.
This is not the first time this has happened. Look at the side pinstripes on the '69 Camaro's. They were all over the place.

On the Mustangs the front and rear spoilers were the most noticeable. I am a stickler for correct body shape, this one didn't stand out as being off. Its certainly a lot better than the 1:18 Welly.
I rate this one as less than perfect (The missing SCCA decal is very bothersome) but far from a disaster. It could have been better and it shows signs of being rushed but I still consider it shelf worthy.
I may be tempted to hold off on pre ordering the next Trans Am installment however.

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