eCommerce Platform Moving Sale

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eCommerce Platform Moving Sale

Post by Automodello » Tue Nov 04, 2014 10:24 am


The eCommerce platform which Diecasm resides on is being shutdown by the vendor and the store is being redesigned and relocated to a new ecommerce platform. Of course this is not an action that was expected as the store was transferred to the existing platform less than 2 years ago.

Part of this process involves moving and then verifying inventory. To reduce this manual labor-intensive process, I felt it best to have a sale on the Great Deals category with 41% off. The coupon / reference code is ePMS14N for eCommerce Platform Moving Sale - the fact that the 2nd through 4th letters can imply something else is purely coincidence.

I am notifying Scale 143 first as all except one model is 1:43 scale. Quantities on many products are 1 or 2, so first come is first served.

Please let me know if you have any questions,
Jim Cowen
Diecasm, LLC / Automodello /


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Re: eCommerce Platform Moving Sale

Post by JSB33 » Wed Nov 05, 2014 6:04 am

Don't you just love the internet? :roll:

Good luck with the transfer and thanks for the offer.

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