Richard Burns Rally Collection

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Richard Burns Rally Collection

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Rally Day Castle Coombe September 2018

As ever rally fans were heading for Rally Day. Unfortunately, the weather forecast said it would rain all day and but for a bit a of a break in the morning it did. The bad weather clearly had an effect on the cars attending and on people through the gates. It wasn’t the best Rally Day I have ever been to.

Miki Biasion and Elfyn Evans were the star drivers along with Jimmy McRae, Russell Brookes & Stuart Turner. There weren’t many new cars I had not seen before and there few Group B cars.

Along with Zeus (Dave C) we were on the Craven MC stand with Dave’s excellent Richard Burns model car tribute display. Remember Richard Burns first motor club was Craven MC whose members helped with his early development as a rally driver.

Amongst the display were around 12 unique models Dave has created, changing door plates etc from a standard product. The bad weather meant the display was tucked away at the back of the stand but the members liked what they saw.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed model was shown to Dave Richards a few years ago. Dave C had correctly put the different wheels on this one and Dave R asked if we knew why it had different wheels? Colin McRae had just moved to Ford and Richard was now with Subaru. Clearly a bit of rivalry for fastest time at GFS. So, the Prodrive team put a set of super stickies on to get one over McRae and it worked Richard beating Colin’s time on the day.

ImageDSCN7874 aa

ImageDSCN7875 aa

ImageDSCN7875 aa

ImageDSCN7879 aa

ImageDSCN7877 aa

ImageDSCN7878 aa

Pretty difficult to tell these days if cars are real or a mock up. Most of these are the real thing.
Ex McRae Monte Subaru in the rain!!!

ImageDSCN7891 aa

ImageDSCN7872 aa

ImageDSCN7869 aa

ImageDSCN7867 aa

ImageDSCN7866 aa

ImageDSCN7899 aa

ImageDSCN7898 aa

Olly Clark with father Rogers Mk1 Escort

ImageDSCN7897 aa

ImageDSCN7888 aa

ImageDSCN7887 aa

ImageDSCN7886 aa

ImageDSCN7884 aa

ImageDSCN7882 aa

ImageDSCN7881 aa

Some non works cars/replicas

ImageDSCN7895 aa

ImageDSCN7903 aa

ImageDSCN7889 aa

ImageDSCN7902 aa


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Re: Richard Burns Rally Collection

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Superb display as usual, and amazing cars in attendance!

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Re: Richard Burns Rally Collection

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Great work and snaps Dave

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Re: Richard Burns Rally Collection

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Looks like it was a great day out despite the rain. There's some great looking machinery there.
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Re: Richard Burns Rally Collection

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I take it the Stratos came home with you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Richard Burns Rally Collection

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Might have....followed by the Alpine once John G had vacated the seat....!!!


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