Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 1979-1985

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Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 1979-1985

Post by AdamYip » Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:16 pm

I remembered seeing a lot of this car back in the 80's in California. A very nice model car made by NEO. I had this model car in burgundy and this nice sky blue metallic. I just hoped that NEO will release more of these 80's and 90's Cadillacs, Buicks and Oldsmobile in the future.

ImageDSC00980 by Adam Yip

ImageDSC00981 by Adam Yip

ImageDSC00982 by Adam Yip

ImageDSC00984 by Adam Yip

ImageDSC00985 by Adam Yip

ImageDSC00986 by Adam Yip


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