Honda Accord 1988

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Honda Accord 1988

Post by AdamYip »

I've got this model car some time ago and finally got time to convert it to LHD. A nice model car made by Mark 43.

ImageDSC00123 by Adam Yip

ImageDSC00124 by Adam Yip

ImageDSC00125 by Adam Yip

ImageDSC00126 by Adam Yip

ImageDSC00127 by Adam Yip

ImageDSC00128 by Adam Yip


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Re: Honda Accord 1988

Post by dcast »

Very nice :) I hope they would make the Euro-Accord as well, always liked this generation Honda Accord.

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Re: Honda Accord 1988

Post by reeft1 »

Another fan of this gen as well

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