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Trax Miscues

Post by IFHP » Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:47 am

ImageComparison by Michael, on Flickr

Surprised that Trax did such a half-hearted effort to convert their XF Falcon Ute in to a an alleged XG model. The rest of the model looks okay, but to ignore the most noticed difference between the XF and XG is jaw-dropping.

Here is what a XG Falcon Longreach actually looks like.

ImageFord Falcon XG GLi Longreach Ute by Jeremy, on Flickr

ImageRecent Arrivals by Michael, on Flickr

Too bad that Trax didn't give this ute correct the grille because the XG Longreach came in a number of interesting models, but without the correct grille, why bother?

Image1995 Ford Falcon Longreach Utes and Van (Aus) by Michael, on Flickr
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ImageHighway Scene by Michael, on Flickr

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