1967 Mille Miglia Diorama

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1967 Mille Miglia Diorama

Post by Jager »

From the same source as the two Porsche diorama's I showed, I thought this might be of more interest to the fans of Maranello.

This one is "only" Euro 2,250, but for that you're only getting an Old Cars transporter, not the more detailed Exoto version, with three Art Model Ferrari's. The Ferrari van looks interesting though and I'd like to know more about that.




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Re: 1967 Mille Miglia Diorama

Post by Alfaholic »

That's much more like it Ian :D

Even at the "reduced" cost for this one, as nice as it is I may have to pass :lol:

Do we know what the blue sedan is, a Fiat?

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Re: 1967 Mille Miglia Diorama

Post by Tom »

A Lancia Flaminia.

Better pictures show nice weathering, quite a lot of work went into this. Still no real VFM.

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Re: 1967 Mille Miglia Diorama

Post by oldirish33 »

I can't put my finger on the Ferrari van. It probably started as something else and has been repainted. He c also uses some figures I don't recognize and at least one that has had a head transplant. The man in brown pants with suspenders started life as Enzo Ferrari. :D I like his Ferrari fender and car cover. Need to figure out how to make those! I guess if you had a 1/1 Ferrari or two in the garage, a Patek Philippe on you wrist and a pair of Ferragamo's on your feet, something like this would be a dalliance for your man cave. ;)
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Re: 1967 Mille Miglia Diorama

Post by Serafa »

Honestly, that is a very fine diorama, but very pricey as well.
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Re: 1967 Mille Miglia Diorama

Post by reeft1 »

Like that

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